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Chapter 16 ~ Finale

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Chapter 16 ~ Finale

Post  Aquashadowcat on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:44 am

Christmas had passed and summer was fast approaching. Most of the residents of the girls’ dorm had returned home for the summer. The only ones left were Aqua, Ginger, Lin, Rinto and Gakupo. Ginger had decided to set up a pool in the garden as it was pretty warm out. As soon as the pool was filled and the hose was turned off Rinto bomb dived into the cold water splashing Ginger and Lin in the process. Gakupo walked outside to join them before noticing the absence of his favourite tsundere.
“Where’s Aqua?” he asked casually. Ginger shrugged and looked to Lin for an answer. Lin stared blankly for a moment before turning back to Gakupo
“I think she is staying inside today….”Ginger continued with “…oh yeah…I forgot she isn’t a big fan of pools.” Gakupo walked back inside and moments later returned with Aqua who was yelling and resisting being dragged around like this. He picked Aqua up and threw her into the pool, he knew she would get mad but at least she was enjoying her last day together with everyone. Aqua quickly climbed out of the pool and picked up a towel from the porch. Ginger and Lin were laughing; Rinto was too endorsed in swimming around the pool not much bigger than a bathtub.
“What the hell was that for?!” Aqua screamed. Gakupo shrugged her off and joined Rinto in the pool. Not one to be ignored, Aqua pushed his head under the water and stormed off inside to dry off. All day Ginger and Lin tried to get Aqua to come out to the pool but she wouldn’t budge. Rinto decided to give it a shot too. “Aqua! You have to come quick…He’s drowning!” Even Ginger couldn’t believe how stupid this was and without so much as a glance Aqua snapped “Go pull him out then.” The night soon rolled in and everyone had finished packing for home. Ginger and Rinto had fallen asleep on the sofa in the lounge, Lin had gone to bed. Gakupo was still packing but Aqua couldn’t sleep, she had a knotted feeling in her stomach that she couldn’t explain. She figured she just needed some fresh air or something so went outside into the summer’s evening. Not too long after this, she was joined by Gakupo who wasn’t expecting anyone to be outside so casually lit a cigarette without giving it a second thought.
“I thought you quit.” Gakupo turned to see Aqua, she didn’t stand up or try to take the cigarette. He stubbed it out and sat beside her. An awkward silence filled the air. Aqua was clearly troubled by something and Gakupo was determined to find out what.
“What is it then?” Aqua didn’t answer him; she just sat there staring into the garden. “If you don’t tell me now then you may never get the chance” Gakupo said teasingly. Aqua sighed and stood up, she walked to the door to go back inside but paused for a moment then without looking back she quietly admitted;
“I…I think I Love you…” Gakupo hugged her tightly from behind
“Took you long enough” He whispered.
“Ah is that the time?” Ginger stood up and stretched.
“Don’t stop there Mommy!” whined the little girl sitting in the bed “Did Aqua and Gakupo fall in love? Did they get married?!” Rinto entered the room
“Of course they did, it took a little while after that day though” he tucked the little girl into bed and kissed her forehead
“Goodnight Daddy” she said softly as she drifted off to sleep.

Author's notes: Nice ending.....all be it a short one....


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