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Chapter 14~

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Chapter 14~

Post  Aquashadowcat on Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:37 am

This is where it all goes christmassy.

It was nearing Christmas and everyone was busy decorating the dorm. Smish and Lin were busy decorating the tree whilst Aqua and Ginger were hanging streamers and other ceiling bound decorations. All of the guys were still sleeping but the girls decided not to wake them as they would only get in the way. As of yet, there had been no snow but everyone was anticipating a white Christmas. Smish had just finished putting the star on the top of the Christmas tree when Ginger ran out of the room excitedly. Confused, the others just looked around until Ginger came back in with her arms full of presents. She carefully placed them all under the tree to complete the room.
“That’s a lot of presents for me…you girls really didn’t have to” A very proud Kai stood in the doorway looking very pleased with himself.
“WE DIDN’T!” yelled all of the girls simultaneously. Smish and Ginger went to the kitchen to start baking Christmas cookies. Kai circled the lounge before also going to the kitchen in attempts to get any leftover cookie dough and Lin went to see where her brother had gotten to. Aqua sat on the sofa and turned the TV on. There was a sudden crash in the kitchen and a very floury Kai walked out of the room. Aqua gave him a blank look as he sordidly walked out of the room. Aqua went back to watching TV when she heard a yawn behind her;
“What’s all the noise about so early in the morning?” Immediately recognising the voice, Aqua retorted without hesitation,
“It’s almost midday; we left you in bed so you wouldn’t get in our way.” A sly grin worked its way across Aqua’s face as she turned to face Gakupo. Looking entirely unimpressed, he walked into the kitchen as he could smell the baking cookies. Once again there was a sudden crash only this time Gakupo walked back out rubbing his head shortly followed by Ginger.
“You should know better than to intrude on Smishy when she’s cooking” said Ginger apologetically. She whispered something to Aqua and the two of them left the room giggling. As Hanii had graduated from the school there was a vacancy in the dorm which was filled by Toma. Toma’s love interest hadn’t switched much as he still had a thing for Gakupo. HOWEVER! Ginger and Aqua were on the case and had an amazing plan to get him together with someone else in the dorm.
“We’re heading to the store, does anyone need anything?!” Ginger yelled so the whole dorm could hear. Smish popped her head from behind the kitchen;
“I’m out of cinnamon…and Aqua only has a few lollipops left in the cupboard.” Ginger jotted this down on some scrap paper. Toma walked downstairs yawning;
“We need ice cream” Ginger stared at him for a moment wondering why on Earth someone would want ice cream in winter. Kai leaned on Toma’s shoulder and handed him his glasses. Aqua pushed past them both and handed Ginger an orange scarf as she put on her own pink one and then dragged Ginger out before anyone else started ordering things from them. Ginger struggled to put her scarf of as well as continue writing things on the list and following Aqua’s irritably fast walking pace.
“W-wait up!” she yelled. Aqua stopped in her tracks and took the list from Ginger as she struggled to fix the last part of her scarf. Ginger finally managed to sort herself out and took the list back from Aqua and stuffed it into her pocket. The girls continued into town with only one thing on their mind….where were they going to fine mistletoe? They first went to a general store to find the random things asked of them. Aqua stood by the lollipops carefully fishing out all of the watermelon flavour ones whilst Ginger went and got the left of the things on their list. Once the girls had payed for their items, they went in search of a flower shop.
“How exactly do we get the two of them to stand under this stuff….if we ever find it of course?” Ginger wondered. Aqua straightened her glasses and smirked;
“Leave it to me, I have my methods.” Ginger didn’t know whether to be relieved or worried but she decided to leave it to Aqua.

At long last they were faced with a small flower shop. They walked in and looked around but after seeing no mistletoe out in the open, their hopes began to fade a little. Aqua just unwrapped a lollipop as Ginger went to ask the shop assistant. After a short wait, the shop assistant returned with some mistletoe. Pleased with their success both Aqua and Ginger smiled and giggled once more before paying for the plant and returning back to the dorm. When they returned, all was not right. Smish was yelling and Kai, Gakupo and Rinto all ran upstairs almost knocking Ginger over on the way. Lin had decided to stay out of it and was watching cartoons in the lounge. Ginger and Aqua looked at each other. Aqua sighed and made her way upstairs as Ginger headed for the kitchen. The kitchen looked like a bomb filled with flour had gone off.
“What did they do?” Ginger asked calmly. Smish flew into a rage once more as just the mere thought of what they did made her livid.
“Those idiots stole all the cookies then knocked the flour everywhere!” Ginger just sighed and began clearing up the mess as she waited for Smish to calm down. Meanwhile Aqua had already guessed what had happened and went upstairs to give the guys a firm beating. She knocked on the door before letting herself in. Gakupo and Kai were slumped on their beds covered in flour. Toma was sat reading manga whilst casually eating the stolen cookies. Rinto was in the shower. Aqua just looked around then one at a time, hit them all on the head.
“Do you have to be so hard?” Gakupo whined as he rubbed his already hurt head.
“We told you not to cross Smish when she’s cooking and yet you do the worst imaginable thing!” it had been a while since Aqua had been this angry so the guys thought to choose their words carefully. The room remained silent or a moment but Aqua was impatient and demanded an answer as to why this was done. She yelled at them once more to ask them why. This time it was Gakupo who stood up to answer
“Because we wanted to and we were hungry” he shrugged before eating another cookie. Aqua raised her hand to hit him again, only this time Gakupo stopped her. He grabbed her wrist before levelling his head with hers and saying,
“Adieu my fair princess.” Then he pushed her out the door. Aqua gave up and went downstairs to help clean the kitchen. Lin was helping too, ginger had told her and Smish about the plan with the mistletoe only she had changed it a little without Aqua knowing. Evening had come and everyone was in the lounge watching TV. Ginger was cuddled up with Rinto by the fire. Smish and Lin were sat by the table, Kai, Gakupo and Toma were sat on the sofa and Aqua was in the kitchen making tea for everyone. Ginger looked up at Lin and Smish who nodded before turning the TV off. Ginger ran over to the table and stood on a chair before asking Gakupo to come and straighten the star on the top of the tree. Gakupo stood up and made his way to the tree. He looked up to the top and wondered what to do as it looked perfectly fine to him. Ginger then pretended like she was going to fall off the chair. Toma, being the kind of person he was, immediately jumped up to catch her but then Ginger straightened herself and pulled the mistletoe out of her pocket before holding it above the two boys with a huge grin on her face. Kai had stood up in amazement, Rinto looked on in anticipation. Aqua had re-entered the room and saw what was going on. As Toma leaned in to kiss Gakupo, Aqua pushed Kai to knock Gakupo out of the way. When he realised he was kissing Kai and not Gakupo, Toma thought to stop but for some reason didn’t. Nor did he resist when Kai deepened the kiss. Aqua looked down to where Gakupo had hit the floor. He was staring right back at her and after realising what she had just done, Aqua left the room.

Authors notes:Hehe, you wish there was more yet? oh the drama. No worries, I'm carrying this one on right now so there should be another chapter very soon


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Re: Chapter 14~

Post  Smished on Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:52 pm

Haha just got back in from my shift in the kitchen and I saw that soaked one the way today I've had to come home in my chef whites =P Feeling pretty Chefy round about now.
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Re: Chapter 14~

Post  Lin-tan on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:05 pm

yaaaay~ update~
omg lol at Toma and Kai!
Another wonderful chapter by the wonderful Aqua! Hooray! It's such a shame what those guys did...why would you mess with cookies??
can't wait for christmas! it better be a white christmas eh? Apparently it's snowing here tomorrow! <3 santa rendeer


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Re: Chapter 14~

Post  Merdrabolt on Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:44 am

awesome chapter dood ^_^

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Re: Chapter 14~

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