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Chapter 10~

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Chapter 10~

Post  Aquashadowcat on Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:54 pm

This one was Co-wrote with Ginger, I edited out her mistakes and expanded on it a little

After school, Ginger made sure to drag Aqua to the council meeting as there was an important matter to discuss…the school dance! As it was coming to the end of the academic year there was to be a dance…but not just any dance, it was one where the girls ask the guys to go. The meeting went on for what seemed like an eternity to Aqua but was very quick for everybody else. They had decided that the theme should be ‘A Night In Venice’ as they wanted a romantic atmosphere.
Ginger, Aqua and Hanii were all walking back to the dorms. Ginger noticed Aqua was unusually quiet so decided to ask Hanii what was going on.
“I don’t know if I should tell you” Hanii responded. She then noticed that Aqua wasn’t paying much attention so didn’t see any harm in telling her;
“She kissed Gakupo” Ginger’s expression suddenly lit up and unable to contain herself she ran to Aqua and yelled
“YOU KISSED HIM!! AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME” Aqua looked blankly and Ginger for a moment before looking to Hanii and sighing. She said nothing…just nodded. The girls got back to the dorm and told the others the rules for the dance before returning to their room to talk about their plans. Lin was already in the room. The girls all sat on their beds and looked at each other before Ginger squealed in excitement once more and told Lin what had happened between Aqua and Gakupo.
“I just can’t believe someone is talking my dearest Aqua away from me” she concluded before slumping on to her bed. The girls all looked around and giggled. Gakupo, Kai and Len knew what the girls were talking about so were right outside the door listening in on every word. The girls continued on and suddenly the conversation turned to the days’ festivities.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Aqua noticing Ginger had a tear in her eye.
“Len was making fun of my chest again!” She said wiping the tear from her eye(If there was one thing Ginger was, it was a cry baby). But she had an admirable sized chest for someone her age which all of the guys had noticed.
“That bastard’s just jealous he doesn’t have breasts himself.” Said Aqua; patting the girls head to comfort her and passing her a cherry flavoured lollipop.
“But he’s right!” Ginger yelled “My face doesn’t match my chest at all!” She cried sticking out her lip.
“Oh please. Your face and your chest match just fine.” Aqua consoled as a grin worked its way across her face.
“He said sexy girls need to have a good chest like mine, not annoying brats like me!” Said Ginger whilst covering her face. Aqua was getting irritated.
“The only brat there is him. Anyways, I bet you anything his face doesn’t match his manly region.” Said Aqua said with a smirk. Ginger and the others started to laugh a little. Ginger wiped the tears from her face and accepted a hug from Aqua.
“Yeah I guess you’re right.” Ginger showed a smile.

“You made Ginger cry?” asked Gakupo sounding somewhat concerned from the other side of the door. Len shrugged the comment off. They continued listening to the girl’s conversation. They cracked the door open to listen better but not so much as the girls would notice.
“Well let’s see… C can be for cute!”
“But I’m almost a D Aqua…”
“Oh well the D is for… Damn Cute.” Said Aqua confidently. She grinned and gave Ginger a thumbs up. Ginger laughed at this comment;
“Haha! What are you then? Double Damn Cute?” Said Ginger daringly.
“Hey!” Said Aqua blushing.
“Hehe.” Giggled Ginger. Aqua placed a lollipop in her mouth.
“Hey, maybe I have some old bras that may fit you then. They were really expensive, so let’s not have them go to waste. Here.” Said Aqua. She walked over to the wardrobe before taking out a box from the bottom and opening it to reveal some high fashion and very pretty bras.
“Ah! Cute!” Said Ginger looking at the bras and taking one out of the box.
Outside the guys were almost mid-nosebleed. Could they really have hut such a jackpot that the girls were talking about their bras so openly?!
“Here, take off your shirt. Try it on!” Said Aqua slipping off Ginger’s uniform. A very surprised Ginger squeaked before allowing Aqua to undress her.
“Move out of the way! I wanna see!” Whispered Len pushing Gakupo out of the way.
“No way man! I wanna see!” Shouted Gakupo pushing and shoving to get a better view.
“Ginger, do you seriously don’t know how to clip your own bra strap? Uh, let me show you.” Said Aqua whilst taking off her own shirt.
“Back off fellas, this is my shot.” Said Gakupo. He took his cellphone from his pocket and positioned it so he could see both girls perfectly in the shot.
“Look, take off your bra.” Said Aqua. Ginger turned around and snapped off her bra. The guys all groaned in disappointment as she turned around.
Ginger’s bra hit the floor. Aqua swooped down and picked it up off the floor, visibly showing her chest to the slightly opened door. Gakupo quickly hit the shutter button and took a picture.
“Guys! I’m going to—“ Whispered Kai covering his nose.
“No! No! Just wait till Aqua at least takes off her—“ Gakupo started…
“Or till Ginger turns around!” Interrupted Len.
“Guys! I—“ Kai was taking deep breaths to hold it in.
“NO!” Gakupo and Len whispered simultaneously.
“ACHOOOOO!” Sneazed Kai. You could easily hear it from miles away. Aqua perked her head up after hearing it. She turned her head slowly to the door, eyeing out the victim.
Ginger turned around, her arms over her chest, scared.
“Aqua…” Whimpered out Ginger. Aqua turned around and decided to take care of the bunch of idiots herself.
pa pa ya pa pa pa piya! You may be sweet girl! pa pa ya pa pa pa piya ♪ Went Gakupo’s phone. The song by Guardians 4 was the one Aqua had made him use.
“Oh no…” Said Gakupo turning to the boys. Their faces were white with fear. Aqua and Ginger looked at each other. Ginger still had arm over her chest while Aqua still was in her pink laced bra. Ginger was past the point of blushing. Aqua’s cheeks weren’t as alit as Ginger’s, but they sure were close.
“So, we kill them?” Asked Aqua sweetly raising her eyebrow in anger.
“Umhm!” Said Ginger cutely. They turned their faces towards the door. With Ginger’s free hand, she twirled her auburn pig tail while Aqua slammed her fist to her hand. Without so much as putting her clothes back on, Aqua kicked through the door followed by Hanii and they chased the guys into the garden. Gakupo was taking pictures all the while, but as soon as the guys were outside. Aqua slammed the door shut and locked them out for the rest of the night.
The next day in class, Gakupo had a black eye, Len had a broken arm, and Kai had an eye-patch over his left eye (althought he just put it there to look like a pirate).
Aqua had made Gakupo delete all the pictures from his phone. Aqua and Ginger weren’t speaking to Len, Gakupo or Kai. Hanii had let them back in at about 3am so as they wouldn’t die from hypothermia but all of them had the makings of a cold coming on. Although the images were deleted, they had enough mental images to last them a lifetime.

Authors Notes: hehe when I read Ginger's little side story I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use it, The whole thing with the Bra was Gingers idea, I can take no credit except for fixing spelling and grammar. Kind of a side chapter i suppose but I tried to blend it all together.

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Re: Chapter 10~

Post  Ginger-Chan on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:01 pm



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Re: Chapter 10~

Post  iKittyx on Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:36 am

oh jeez! who would of thought len as a perv? XDXD

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Re: Chapter 10~

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