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read to find out

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read to find out

Post  Guest on Sun May 22, 2011 1:15 pm

I am - Lily, i think i want to change my name beucase 1. it dosnt fit me 2.i dont like it 3. i want a cool name. I want my name to be dead ok. Call me dead for now on.

I think - of stories and pray to god

I can - Sing, dance, make really good stories, know alot of the Seven deadly sings and draw and animate movies and mix

I want - live in sweden and not live where i am living now

I have - lots of time to play my new xbox 360 and my nintendo 3ds

I wish - that i could just have a fun life in the real world and have a good time with all my friends in this group [ i think some of them hate me..]

I hate - Beans, mean people, rude people, people who are false gods and liers like my dad

I miss - my old self

I fear - my friend thai poking me dad kidnapping me and World of warcraft getting taken away D:

I feel - kinda sad alot now i dont know why

I hear - whiserpers and my friends when they try to sneak up on me and fail why doing so

I smell - i cant small at all

I search- in the bible

I regret - not listening to aqua

I love - my friends [i only have 10 so far]

I care - About everyone, even the ones who hate me i still care for them

I always - listen to the bible and to god

I am not - nice some times but thats only when you get me really really mad

I believe - in magic and god

I dance - really really well

I sing - like a man becuase my voice is now deep

I don't always - smile[ i never smile anymore]

I write - awesomely i got a an award for the best best storie in my class

I win - your trust

I lose - friends when i tell them i am myself

I never - my dad and i still dont like him

I listen - everyone, when they need to talk i listen. I would take time out of myday to listen to you.

I can usually be found - playing on a computer or playing my xbox

I'm scared of - of the finals at my school

I read - manga,bible and more

I forget - short turm memory sorry

I just - want to meet my italian familey

I refuse - to listen to people who tell me to do something against the ten comandments[i cant spell it right]

I tag - Anyone who reads this

POST YOUR OWN SO OTHERS CAN DO!!! And feel free to do this one


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Re: read to find out

Post  Tahkooooo (Vacation) on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:02 pm

Cool Idea! And what! You don't smile!? I'm gonna tickle you until you laugh your head off then >Very Happy ^O^

I am - Taku (IRL Name Afia) Love both names, would never change 'em, love em' both

I think - wants some cake

I can - Make a perfect Caillou impression.

I want - to be a billionaire XD

I have - a wife and a dog and a family. One day my boss came by and said "Hey Joe! Are ya busy?" I said "no", he said "push the button with your left hand..."

I wish - I had magical powers

I hate - Liars and haters. Meanies, and people who annoy me. Bitter melon. Getting frustrated.

I miss - my school. lol already.

I fear - becoming disabled or getting a terrible disease.

I feel - Happy cause I'm gonna buy some trees tomorrow! And cause I'm gonna make some Yorkshire pudding!

I hear - a stupid movie. "Raise Your Voice"

I smell - Eggs, cause my brother is making omlette rice.

I search- On Google B)

I regret - Not choosing the blue pill Crying or Very sad

I love - the whole wide world!

I care - about others and my self.

I always - Pet my best friends hair XD

I am not - A dickhole.

I believe - in the power that comes (lol I had to do that.)

I dance - like a fool

I sing - alright

I don't always - bite my toes

I write - Pretty good, but my penmanship is terrible.

I win - staring contests

I lose - my keys all the time

I never - went sky diving. Or said the C-Word

I listen - to everyone and all kinds of music.

I can usually be found - On my computer, or at school messing around

I'm scared of - I think I already answered this, but on a less serious tone as my first response, the Final Boss of Earthbound. Gave me nightmares for months.

I read - Anything, but I really like Agatha Cristie books or any good mystery. Hunger Games are another favourite. Oh and Stephen King, or any good horror. Or the Five People you meet in Heaven. That made me cry. And so did If A Tree Falls In Lunch Period. I actually gave it a standing ovation when I finished. I did that with Stargirl as well. I also religiously read Nintendo Power Magazine. And the Food Network magazine, and Chatelaine but not as religiously. Speaking of Food Network, any book on Cooking or food or wellness.

I forget - everything. I am so forgetful that I make it a must to eat two apples a day (apples help prevent Alzheimer.)

I just - wanna dance

I refuse - to eat your feces

I tag - Wigs

Your friendly neighborhood moderator,
Tahkooooo (Vacation)
Tahkooooo (Vacation)

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Re: read to find out

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:58 am

I am - Suu~ ヽ(`∀´)ノ the most annoying brat you'll ever meet.

I think - of yaoi. every single day. >u<

I can - sing, dance, being shameless, go nuts occasionally.

I want - to marry Choi Si Won, change my gender and date a sexy uke.

I have - great and trustworthy friends. thankful to have chuu guys in my life. ;u;

I wish - the world will be more awesome and everybody will live in peace. and no more poverty and stuff.

I hate - dumb people ( including me, i'm dumb and i hate myself. ;3; ), ketchup, backstabbers, etc.

I miss - my childhood friend, Natasha. ;m; and other people who are really precious to me.

I fear - that all my nightmares are coming true. and the fact that i always have deja vus.

I feel - anxious. <(=A=)>

I hear - some creepy things around my house. -shivers-

I smell - fishy food. =m=

I search - for more vocaloid fandubbers. and true friends.

I regret - for being ignorant.

I love - everybody! especially PANDA. >//u//<

I care - about everybody and this world. =m= this world is so ffffff-up. orz

I always - eat redbeanicecreamshapedlikeafish every saturday night.

I am not - your typical asian girl. 8D

I believe - that i could fly. but not anymore. ;m;

I dance - like an old grandpa.

I sing - quite okay, i guess. ouO)b

I don't always - say hello to strangers. 8D

I write - comic. omo is that included?

I win - a singing competition once. 8D

I lose - in sports and academically.

I never - eat escargot. O3O snails. -runs-

I listen - to japanese music. anime OST and vocarock.

I'm scared of - my academic scores.

I read - manga, best-selling novels.

I forget - my old e-mail and password.

I just - want to meet everybody on YT! 8D

I refuse - to smoke or even eat drugs. O3O and sniffin.

I tag - everyone who i... -is lost-


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Re: read to find out

Post  Aquashadowcat on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:20 am

Could you imagine answering every one of these as 'your mum', it'd be quite funny XD

I am - Aqua

I think - the most random things

I can - learn a dance in less than an hour

I want - my teddy bear T^T

I have - a giant 'Grumpy' from Snow white and the seven dwarves that lives on my bed

I wish - I could be a better singer

I hate - the word 'hate' it's kinda strong, I'd rather, 'strongly oppse something'

I miss - My nana (RIP)

I fear - the dark, clowns and moths

I feel - uhhh chilled? Buh my arm kinda hurts right now

I hear - skype making a funny noise to let me know i have a message XD

I smell - nothing? theres nothing around to smell

I search- for lifes answers

I regret - Nothing, a life with regrets hasn't been lived right

I love - singing

I care - about my future

I always - sleep on my left side

I am not - A judgemental person

I believe - in God

I dance - really well

I sing - a lot XD

I don't always - do as I'm told

I write - too much same sex stuff

I win - nothing oddly enough, my luck is really bad

I lose - most things, i'm a total clutz

I never - want to lost anyone i care about

I listen - to anything thats not a total pile of shit or a waste of my time

I can usually be found - in my room, or watching TV

I'm scared of - eh uhm I answered this above buh i guess i can explain myself. Moths are just too creepy, like a hairy butterfly, thats totally scary, clowns...dont even get me started, anyone who has to paint their smile on cannot be considered funny in the slightest and I've always been scared of the dark, its just one of those things

I read - manga and yaoi fanfics

I forget - anything worth forgetting

I just - sat here and typed all this out

I refuse - to get out of bed before its even light

I tag - meh just for good measure, your mum XD


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Re: read to find out

Post  Lin-tan on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:33 pm

I am - Lin the offcially unofficial ruler of the world! Bow down to me!! Muhahahahahaha! seriously...never mind. The real names Lindsey. You can call me whatever you feel comfortable with s long as it isn't rude or mean or offensive or anything of the kind. Lindseys a mouthful to me.

I think - of weird irrelevant things...half the time. :3

I can - sing, play piano and flute, dance a little and draw. I can also end my lines with cat faces. :3 <--see? told you :3

I want - to eat something yummies :3

I have - 4 pandas on my bed and a Len doll with them. I also have a cough, a sore throat, a runny/stuffed nose and my homework in front of me. Very Happy

I wish - I could be a wizard. Like Harry Potter. I wanna be in Ravenclaw or Griffindor! I also wish I was a real ninja. That'd be so cool! :O

I hate dislike- bugs/insects with a deep burning passion. Even butterflies. Well I don't strongly dislike them. If there's a few of them, I'm fine. But when a gazillion is flying all around you at different directions, it's scary. i also don't like things flying at me. Birds bug me too. Only when they fly over me and poop on me. I hate that. I had a bad experience with that when I was a small and innocent child. How sad! D,: I also dislike it when people touch my head. I don't mind playing with my hair (my hair ish awesome :3) but when they pet me and ruffle my hair...I feel like a dog. I swear. I'm no pet. Don't touch me like that.

I miss - my grandma, godmother and my aunt. I used to burst out crying just thinking about them...

I fear - I copy paste my previous.
bugs/insects with a deep burning passion. Even butterflies. Well I don't strongly dislike them. If there's a few of them, I'm fine. But when a gazillion is flying all around you at different directions, it's scary. i also don't like things flying at me.
Plus I had this bad experience where I woke up once and I found a cockroach crawling up my chest and close to my face. I was to shocked to scream but i panicked and flung it off me and silently cried.
I also fear being alone. I don't like to do some things by myself. I'm just not confident enough. I've got low self-esteem! Very Happy I also fear losing others. The thought scares me.

I feel - tired and stressed. Lots of work to catch up on...I hate my life... >Sad (not really!)

I hear - this weird noise coming from behind me but nothings there. Plus the clickity click of the keyboard.

I smell - Nothing. I got a stuffed/runny nose remember?

I search - for Waldo. I'm joking I'm joking! I search for Narnia Smile I couldn't find it in my closet or in the lockers at school... D':

I regret - quitting ballet classes.

I love - you~ You love me~ We're a happy family! With great big hug and a kiss from me to you! Won't you say you love me too~! <3 <3 <3 Lol! Barney... Smile

I care - about everyone but mostly to those I hold dear and those I am close too.

I always - eat nutella when I come home (well...only when we HAVE nutella....) I love nutella! I would've put it in the I Love section but it would ruin my Barney theme song! D:

I am not - a hater. I dun like being mean. Mean ish not nice! Sad

I believe - in God the creator of Heaven and Earth. In Jesus Christ our saviour. Smile

I dance - to Kpop songs.

I sing - to anything, anywhere. Mostly Kpop and some jpop Smile

I don't always - remember what I'm supposed to be doing. I've got a bad memory.

I write - on your wall! FACEBOOK!!! <3 <3 <3

I win - your life! >Very Happy jking!

I lose - the game. yeah mann....YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!! >Very Happy

I never - say never! I'm joking about that too! Calm yer face! Don't hit me! I'm sorry to quote Justin Bieber. It was just....right there! I HAD to say that! I HAD TO SAY NEVER!!!!

I listen - to asian music more than english music. Smile

I'm scared of - Jeez man. scroll up and re-read this if you don't already know....Nvr mind. I'll quote it for you....
I fear - bugs/insects with a deep burning passion. Even butterflies. Well I don't strongly dislike them. If there's a few of them, I'm fine. But when a gazillion is flying all around you at different directions, it's scary. i also don't like things flying at me.Plus I had this bad experience where I woke up once and I found a cockroach crawling up my chest and close to my face. I was to shocked to scream but i panicked and flung it off me and silently cried.
I also fear being alone. I don't like to do some things by myself. I'm just not confident enough. I've got low self-esteem! Very Happy I also fear losing others. The thought scares me.
there ya go. now you don't have to scroll up! Your welcome~ <3 <3 <3

I read - books and books and books! I read the Twilight series ut I'm no Twihard anymore. I like Kate Brian books ESPECIALLY the Private series!

I forget - a lot of things that are usually important! D': Damn short term memory!! Curse you!!!!!

I just - coughed and sniffled and typed this line! Smile

I refuse - to let anyone have a bad day. I'll take the time to make it better and help anyone with anything! Smile

I tag - you! Pikachu!!! *cuein"boos"and"yousucks"inthecrowd* -shrinks- I'm sorry! It was RIGHT there! Fine! I tag you! The kid reading this on there computer screen! Yeah you...I'm talking to you! You bettah do this or I'm coming for less lonely girl! Ugh! get outta my head Bieber!! Curses!!! I keep quoting Bieber!

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Re: read to find out

Post  Ginger-Chan on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:58 pm

I DID THIS ALREADY but one one was looking at mine and i felt to the need to re post it again. cause i can.

I am - ChibiGinger, or just Ginger. My given birth name is Ceara, but no one calls me that except my outer family, and sometimes my super close friends. My grandma thinks the name Ginger is disrespectful, so lately people have been calling me Ceara more >.< I hate it!!

I think - Allot more then I should. Most of the time I create an unreal relity of what I think should happen. Like right now we should be having a giant concert with cookies.

I can - Sing, ski, dance, draw, cook, and smile! I can do lots of things!

I want - to have the best summer ever, I created myself a summer bucket list!!

I have - Lots of free time and a little annoying sister...

I wish - That I could be anywhere but here right now. In my house I mean, its so boring! And theres crappy music playing, and I feel like shit!

I hate - Peanut Butter, Goats, and Homophobic People.

I miss - Good music

I fear - Vomiting and Puking... I actullaly have a phobia for it. No joke. When people puke or something, I start breaking down crying and I shut down. Its bad.

I feel - Naked... I'm not wearing any clothes right now cause i just got out of the shower...

I hear - Bad music... its some shitty Britney Spears song, but its a remix making it worst... I think its Hold it Agaisnt me?

I smell - not much....

I search- On google

I regret - TRYING TO KISS MY DAMN BOYFRIEND AND MISSING! I got his neck instead of his cheek... how embarrsing!

I love - Aqua <3

I care - Everything thing I do and my actions.... and cake.

I always - Make a wish on 11:11.... ALWAYS.

I am not - good at math. AT ALL!

I believe - in wishes

I dance - Pretty well, I used to take ballet for eight years... um... until they kicked me out... cause I was to hyper... and then I took jazz for a bit. So I'm okay...

I sing - Always. I am always humming or something.... I love singing. Its who I am

I don't always - smile when i should

I write - A crap ton.... I have a fanfic acoount haha.

I win - your heart

I lose - my homework a lot... and my libary books...

I never - liked Alaska till this year! Its really pretty here

I listen - to my stomach when it calls for me~

I can usually be found - where cake or sugary items are....

I'm scared of - of my final math grade...

I read - manga... hehe

I forget - Um... I would tell you but I forgot...

I just - typed this sentece. OH!

I refuse - to give up on myself. If I dont like something about me, I will change it!

I tag - Anyone who reads this post... hehe


POST YOUR OWN SO OTHERS CAN DO!!! And feel free to do this one


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Re: read to find out

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:13 pm

so sorry ginger Dx


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Re: read to find out

Post  Smished on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:50 am

I am - Charlotte, otherwise known as Smish.

I think - For the moment.

I can - Draw to a decent standard.

I want - To discover more things.

I have - Many anime figures.

I wish - There were more jobs about.

I hate - Nothing.

I miss - My dad.

I fear - Thunderstorms, death and the unknown.

I feel - Melancholic.

I hear - Electric in cables.

I smell - My perfume.

I search- For answers .

I regret - Nothing.

I love - My life and the people in it.

I care - About the well being of others.

I always - Do my best, a job is not worth doing if you don't give it your all.

I am not - Bothered by what people think of me, about my personality, looks. Just doesn't bother me.

I believe - God is watching us.

I dance - Like no one is watching.

I sing - In private.

I don't always - Think things through.

I write - About the things that interest me.

I win - Many things.

I lose - Occationally.

I never -

I listen - When talked to. Always.

I can usually be found - Reading, drawing, sewing, causually grazing munchies, outside.

I'm scared of - Being alone.

I read - Many books, mostly historical accounts and manga.

I forget - Birthdays.

I just - Want to be remembered.

I refuse - Anything that could stump my lifespan.

I tag - Whoever wants to fill this out.
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Re: read to find out

Post  SoraneNanami on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:58 am

orz.. i just had to do this =="

I am - Nami.. Nanami.. I have other nicknames like Nao,Sora,Soar,Soaring,Nana,Light,Ramen,Miso.. My name can be made into tons of nicknames. A few knows a part of my real name, but hey~ It's Ed =="

I think - On how to make my covers sound better and draw better

I can - Sing [maybe], draw [horribly], dance [amateour], daydream, get random ideas pop in my head from time to time, mix [just learnt this]

I want - a new mic and some more otaku friends in reality

I have - mouse pen and laptop, with a broken mic

I wish - I can be honest to people in real life

I hate - Annoying people D< that's it~ It's not okay to hate :3 -shotdead-

I miss - Moments of eight grade D:

I fear - Going on the dark alone, having a fight with someone I care about

I feel - Sleepy and scared lately..

I hear - Amazing singers and my family outside

I smell - ...air =="

I search- some missing manga books and my lost karaoke orz

I regret - not spending the time i can with my classmates and picking the name "Nami" =_=" Not really though..

I love - God, My friends, my family, those I care for, okay? -and that's a lot-

I care - People I know ^^v

I always - draw for hours, sing during school lessons and exams, talk with my friends

I am not - that super girly girly girl that likes to go shopping and skirts =="

I believe - God and miracles

I dance - in a very ametour way :DD

I sing - changing my pitches all the time ;DD As both Nami and Nao

I don't always - be honest to others

I write - angst, suspense, fanntasy, bits of romance.. I like making pairings orz

I win - nothing

I lose - my mic QAQ

I never - have a piercing anywhere in my body, say I sing and post stuff in YT to my parents

I listen - to people who give me advice Very Happy (like yutaka -shotdead-)

I can usually be found - in front of the laptop or on my bed reading manga

I'm scared of - the darkness and grades and losing friends

I read - comics, fanfics, stories

I forget - things i do when i perform or everyday stuff -short term memory loss-

I just - want to be loved for who I am

I refuse - to be told what to be in the future and be bossed around all the time

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Re: read to find out

Post  Nishina on Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:55 pm


I think - weird stuff in my imagination world 8DDD

I can - play with catsss //shot

I want - to finish my hw OTL

I have - no life OTL

I wish - i can meet kyubey in real life >u<

I hate - ppl who gossips TOOOOOOOO much =u= and ppl who lie.

I miss - being talkative ;u;

I fear - cockroaches.

I feel - dirty >A<

I hear - TV <3

I smell - nothing ;_;

I search - for awesome things ;D

I regret - not studying


I care - about what i think ///shot

I always - stay up late

I am not - kind and nice :>

I believe - we can change LOLWUT! xDDD

I dance - like a boss

I sing - quite okay, i guess. ouO)b

I don't always - be nice oAo in real life

I write - weird stuff xDD

I win - something awesome <3 xD

I lose - in a drawing competition xD

I never - like eating veges ;A;

I listen - Vocaloid , animes song and ost Cool


I read - anything that can make me high 8D

I forget - to do a school project and now im doom OTL

I just - want to finish uploading this chorus video so i can start on my school project D<

I refuse - be nice when i don't want to O^O

I tag - LOL IDK xD
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Re: read to find out

Post  iKittyx on Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:36 am

I am - Kitty Shi XDXD

I think - sometimes people need to take the advice they give >_______>

I can - draw, sing, GIMP, writing, read, chat, etc...

I want - to have Spencer +w+ (aka human-sized teddy bear)

I have - plenty of people I appreciate

I wish - for things that probably would never come true

I hate - tomatoes ughhh >______< ' ' ' and anti-antis, they annoy me

I miss - my grandma

I fear - loneliness

I feel - ummm, as of currently, I'm content...

I hear - everyday sounds

I smell - ummm, air?

I search - on google +w+

I regret - some things I do

I love - Ray <<33 Yume <<33 Bea <<33

I care - most about my friends

I always - end chat conversation with my besties with "<<33"

I am not - a very good role model .________.

I believe - miracles, I want...

I dance - not good at all...

I sing - whenever I can

I don't always - say what I want to

I write - fanfiction +w+

I win - prizes? O_____O

I lose - things, like everybody lose things....

I never - want to lose those important to me

I listen - to stuff that helps me get by in life...

I can usually be found - in my room, lol

I'm scared of - being left behind

I read - stuff

I forget - things when I most need them

I just - almost finished this game? XDXD

I refuse - give direct answers sometimes

I tag - the next person who posts XDXD


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Re: read to find out

Post  Ritsu55 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:49 pm

I am - Go, an obnoxiously loud drum obsessed kid

I think - speaking other languages is a beautiful gift

I can - draw . . . a little Very Happy

I want - for someone to know when im sad and try to help

I have - THE GREATEST CHIHUAHUA~ her's name is Joy :]

wish - to go to The Arts University College at Bournemouth, England. To major in Art or filming

I hate - it when people get hurt or forced to do something . . . it's awful . . .
and clowns . . .

I miss - my great grandma ( ;_; )

I fear - being alone, sick, and failing school

I feel - nervous because of an english test ;A;


I smell - dog . . . they're so warm ._.

I search- for youtube's best IU english dub

I regret - not standing up for myself in elementary school

I love - my friends and family

I care - about what i say more than i should

I always - think i'm sick

I am not - that helpful . . . unless it's in math and history :]

I believe - that Hogwarts got the addresses mixed up and any day now i should be getting my letter

I dance - when none is looking :DD

I sing - along to the jersey boys every time it's played

I don't always - tell the truth

I write - about circuses because

I win - THE GAME

I lose - THE GAME


I never - want to see someone get hurt . . . it's sickening

I listen - to kpop and the stories of friends

I can usually be found - in the library xD

I'm scared of - being alone


I forget -

I just - requested my first commission on DA~

I refuse - to believe in death


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Re: read to find out

Post  seichuu on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:58 pm

I am - SEi, a human girl who thinks she should have been born an alien.

I think - creatively all the time.

I can - eat. A lot. And not get fat.

I want - to move out of NYC ;__;

I have - no idea what to write here.

I wish - that I can break down my writer's block. It's like a wall that goes up to the sky as of now.

I hate - cherries. Yuck Dx

I miss - Photoscape. I have a Mac now so I can't DL it >_<;

I fear - the sunlight. It's so bright! *__*;

I feel - hungry right now. It's 11:45 PM.

I hear - my dad making tea in the kitchen. And now he's coming up the stairs...

I smell - smoke coming from my dad. He should really stop smoking or else I'll die first ;\

I search - for music on YT a lot. Because I enjoy learning new kinds of music.

I regret - not being able to find something fun to do right now.

I love - sponge cake. And milk tea. Love love love~! ♥

I care - about my dad's fish. I think it's lonely...

I always - laugh.

I am not - good at running. But I'm good at sprinting! xD

I believe - in fairies.

I dance - the boogie when I'm extremely happy xD

I sing - a lot. I don't record them all since I tend to forget to, and I never sing in front of people...

I don't always - know the right words to what I'm trying to say.

I write - fanfiction... lol.

I win - sometimes.

I lose - sometimes.


I never - seem to have money on me when there is a charity fund going on.

I listen - to almost anything. Even my little brother farting.

I can usually be found - in my room. Laughing at my computer screen.

I'm scared of - my nightmares coming true.

I read - the post above by accident. Honestly. But that's why I'm here writing this now. And it seems interesting.

I forget - a lot of things easily. I have short term memory. Or was it long term? o_o;

I just - choked on water.

I refuse - to go to sleep yet.

I tag - the lovely being that is reading this but plans to ignore this.

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Re: read to find out

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