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    Memes!! Fill them and add them! :)

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    Memes!! Fill them and add them! :)

    Post  Ginger-Chan on Sat May 21, 2011 11:40 pm

    ~Yeah, I was too lazy to read over this.... so sorry for spelling and stuff haha....~

    I am - ChibiGinger, or just Ginger. My given birth name is Ceara, but no one calls me that except my outer family, and sometimes my super close friends. My grandma things the name Ginger is disrespectful, so lately people have been calling me Ceara more >.< I hate it!!

    I think - Allot more then I should. Most of the time I create an unreal relity of what I think should happen.

    I can - Sing, ski, dance, draw, cook, and smile I can do lots of things!

    I want - to have the best summer ever, I created my self a summer bucket list!!

    I have - Lots of free time and a little annoying sister...

    I wish - That I could be anywhere but here right now. In my house I mean, its so boring! And theres crappy music playing, and I feel like shit!

    I hate - Peanut Butter, Goats, and Homophobic People.

    I miss - Good music

    I fear - Vomiting and Puking... I actullaly have a phobia for it. No joke. When people puke or something, I start breaking down crying and I shut down. Its bad.

    I feel - Sick. My throat hurts and my nose is stuffy. IT SUCKS!!

    I hear - Bad music... its some shitty Britney Spears song, but its a remix making it worst... I think its Hold it Agaisnt me?

    I smell - Nothing!! My nose is too stuffy!

    I search- On google

    I regret - Creating an awkarwd silence yesterday... when the guy I liked asked me out.... >//<

    I love - Aqua <3

    I care - Everything thing I do and my actions.... and cake.

    I always - Make a wish on 11:11.... ALWAYS.

    I am not - good at math. AT ALL!

    I believe - in wishes

    I dance - Pretty well, I used to take ballet for eight years... um... until they kicked me out... cause I was to hyper... and then I took jazz for a bit. So I'm okay...

    I sing - Always. I am always humming or something.... I love singing. Its whole I am

    I don't always - smile when i should

    I write - A crap ton.... I have a fanfic haha.

    I win - your heart

    I lose - my homework a lot... and my libary books...

    I never - liked Alaska till this year Its really pretty here

    I listen - to what others say. Most of time anyways...

    I can usually be found - where cake or sugary items are....

    I'm scared of - of my final math grade...

    I read - manga... hehe

    I forget - Um... I would tell you but I forgot...

    I just - Blew my nose. Ew....

    I refuse - to give up on myself. If I dont like something about me, I will change it!

    I tag - Anyone who reads this post... hehe


    POST YOUR OWN SO OTHERS CAN DO!!! And feel free to do this one

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