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Rant Thread

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Rant Thread

Post  Tahkooooo (Vacation) on Fri May 06, 2011 7:06 pm

Someone had to start this. Just rant. About something, someone, somewhere. Try to keep things anonymous ^_^ Pg-13 please. Thank you.

Tahkooooo (Vacation)
Tahkooooo (Vacation)

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Re: Rant Thread

Post  Ginger-Chan on Sat May 07, 2011 12:45 am

OH GAWD... here it goes....

Okay. SO. I feel like I'm too young and inncoent for all this crap!! okay listen to this. SO the guy I like (Codename Snowcakes) is deciding to tell everyone BUTT me he likes me, which is good but I guess hes going to ask me Saturday which is SCARY!! Cause my aunt fell in love when SHE was 15 and her life sorta sucked for a while. But now she has a french boyfriend so its all good. But shes 34 and she has a kid so its sorta lame. So I'm scared to say anything. And I also found out one of my best guyfriends (We call him PJs...) Has also dropped some major hints that he likes me (PJs: "Do you think 'Fluffy' would be mad if I liked her best friend? Wink Guess who that is" Me: *Ginger Thompson has gone offline*) and I also found out "Fluffy" (My Best Friend ever... in fact shes crashed out on my floor right now.... haha) Likes Pjs. So yeah. And Snowcakes found out about PJs liking me, so now I'm tearing their friendship APART!!!!! D: And their BEST FRIENDS TOO! I feel like this is stupid and a waste of time. okay. My ranting is done kachuuu Smile Gaaaaaaaa THIS IS SO STUPID!! I HATE LIFE!! Lol not really buttttt really. I hate this whole 'Teenager' shit. Smile
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