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Story - Heaven's Wish:Earth's Desire

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Story - Heaven's Wish:Earth's Desire

Post  Aquashadowcat on Fri Apr 15, 2011 2:50 pm

The roaring chorus; that peaceful sound; the pure serenity of perpetual whiteness. This is Heaven. Akira was one of the angels in this sanctuary. He had long, soft, white wings and had floor length shimmering golden hair. He wore a white shirt which was open at the neck, white trousers and a pale lilac coat with stars running down the front. He looked no older than possibly twenty four.

He was a renowned novelist, popular amongst everyone for his captivating romance novels. He was worshipped by everyone. Little did the rest of this miraculous host of angels know that Akira was not happy with his current position, though he had everything, he had all of the girls crazy for him, all of the boys jealous, all of the other writers envious of his high status, all of the money he could ever need and more. However, there was still something missing, but he wasn’t sure what this was. It was late at night and he decided to go for a walk. This was heaven so it didn’t get very dark, about the same as dusk here on Earth, nonetheless he went, to the park. No one was around, you wouldn’t expect there to be this late at night. All was quiet, all was calm, Akira saw someone watching over Earth. This man was younger than himself, not much older than eighteen with short light pink hair; he wore a blue shirt and white trousers. This boy’s wings were significantly smaller than his own; he looked like he was crying, but why? Was Earth not a peaceful place to watch?

Akira walked towards the young man and as he did it became clearer that he was crying! Akira ruffled this person’s hair and smiled gently at him who just looked up with a slightly puzzled but relieved face.

“What’s wrong kid?” asked Akira, and then he looked down to Earth, where he saw her, just a normal human girl; she looked exactly like the missing princess…

“I-I-I…” stammered the boy

Akira looked at him blankly and then calmly asked

“What is it?” The boy then took a small crystal on a chain out of his pocket. Akira immediately recognised what this was, he thought there were none left in existence. These small green crystals were the ones that guardian angels used to use to get to Earth for their charges. The boy stood up and wiped the tears off his face,
Akira knocked the crystal out of his hands and said “Are you crazy, only guardian angels use those and once you go you can’t return, what’s wrong with you?” To this, the boy started crying again then ran to pick up the crystal.

“Ferum memoria,” he said. The crystal started glowing, Akira grabbed hold of the crystal but the boy just wouldn’t let go. They were both shrouded in light and the next thing they were plunged into darkness, night time on Earth. The crystal had given then both a human appearance, it had taken their wings away from them. Akira then looked back at the boy who was fear stricken.

“Don’t worry” he said “We still have our wings, we just can’t use them, you got your wish kid, and we are on Earth, go find the princess” The boy turned to Akira and said “Alexiel, my name is Alexiel.” Akira laughed surely to himself then ruffled Alexiel’s hair again. Alexiel didn't see what was so funny so just turned away. The girl they had seen from heaven was walking by, Alexiel wandered off after her.

"Princess Honoka" he said following her. She gave no response just walked a little faster. A heavy rain started to fall, it blocked Alexiel’s vision a little; he could no longer see the girl he was pursuing. He stood in the rain wondering what he should do next when he felt an all too familiar hand on his shoulder. "Akira...I'm sorry" Alexiel started to cry again "I dragged you into this mess, forgive me" Akira sighed then took Alexiel by the wrist and pulled him in to a nearby cafe to get out of the rain. The still crying Alexiel followed without thought. Akira sat Alexiel down in a closed off corner of the cafe, he then ordered them both some drinks. Akira lit up a cigarette and sat smoking until Alexiel stood up. Akira looked at him. Alexiel looked angry; he took the cigarette off Akira and stubbed it out.
"That was my last one" Akira said with a grim look on his face. Alexiel chuckled a little then started to back out of the cafe in fear of what Akira would do next. Akira calmly stood up and backed Alexiel out of the café at a quicker pace. When they were both outside, Alexiel backed into a wall, with no where for him to run. Akira was holding him to the wall by the shoulders, the rain was still falling, it was dark, there was only a single streetlight lighting where they were. Akira leaned in closer to Alexiel’s face. Alexiel’s heart started to race, his face slowly turned a dark shade of red, he was unaware of what was about to happen. Akira was getting ever so closer, Alexiel’s heart beating exceedingly faster. What was going to happen?

There was a sudden flash of light in the sky that stopped them both in their tracks. Akira turned his head towards the light still holding Alexiel against the wall. There stood a man with long flowing silver hair, longer than Akira’s. He looked like royalty - he was perfect. He had a long red coat with frills along the bottom and an air about him that was so majestic heads were bound to turn when he entered a room. Akira recognised who he was straight away.
“Rosiel why are you here?” he asked sharply. Akira had a serious look on his face. Akira had a history with Rosiel, and a not to pleasant one at that. The both of them fought together against the demons in The War of Airi, 10 years ago; the war with the fallen angels who rebelled and wanted to take over heaven, easily recognised by their darkened wings and pale faces. This war was when Princess Honoka disappeared. Little did they know, history was about to repeat itself.


It was a dark night here on earth. If it’s dark you would expect all to be calm and quiet, however, this was not the case. Akira, Alexiel and Rosiel were all standing outside the cafe in the pouring rain. The atmosphere was thickening with heightened emotions; no one knew what was coming next in this stare down between Akira and Rosiel. Who would back down first?
Alexiel looked around in awe of what was happening, he couldn’t believe someone with such arrogance as Rosiel was standing up to someone as cool and collected as Akira. Alexiel’s heart skipped a beat whenever he looked at Akira. He never saw Akira as a famous writer, nor as just another angel, but as a person, as a a friend, maybe even more so. Akira was first to break, he snapped at Rosiel. “What the hell do you want with me?” he asked sharply.
Rosiel’s face lit up, he simply and arrogantly replied “my my, an angel of your calibre speaking of such a place as hell, watch your tongue Akira otherwise you’ll be going straight there.” Then Rosiel smirked as if he were glad to see the back of Akira. This ever thickening atmosphere was making Alexiel feel uneasy he suddenly burst in front of Rosiel. Akira hadn’t seen him this way before; Alexiel would usually sit back and let his elders take any responsibility for anything. However Alexiel had a look of pure anger and hatred on his face, all of it directed towards Rosiel.
“Why are you doing this? Why did you come here?” he asked but before he could get a response he continued “Akira is a great person, he tried to stop me, just a kid he never met before, from coming here even though he had no reason to and now he’s stuck here with me and I don’t refuse to let him take this arrogant attitude of yours without my consent” his face had become saddened as the reality of what was going on sank in. Once again he felt Akira’s warm hand upon his shoulder. He turned his head and his eyes met with Akira’s. All that Alexiel could think about now was how relaxed and deep Akira’s eyes looked compared to usual. His heart started beating faster, he started to tremble at Akira’s touch. Akira felt this and so reassuringly said “you’ve done enough.”

The next time Alexiel opened his eyes, he was no longer outside in the pouring rain but lying down of a sofa in an up-scale city condo. He rubbed his eyes to wake himself up and then wondered why he was all alone. Because he was alone he started to panic and cry that was, until he was hugged from behind by a warm, strong, bare chested figure. Immediately he knew who this was and tried to speak. He couldn’t as he was till crying way too much, he couldn’t utter a word so instead he turned himself around and sat crying into Akira’s chest. Akira did nothing but hold him tightly and keep him safe. It then occurred to Alexiel, what had happened to Rosiel? Was he dead? Did he go back to heaven? It was then when something unexpected happened; Rosiel walked in to the room and made the worst possible assumption.
“Akira you didn’t?” he asked expecting the exact opposite. Akira glared at him as he released Alexiel from his embrace. Rosiel pulled his sleeves up as he was expecting a fight but instead Akira calmly said “I did not” Rosiel smirked arrogantly and remarked
“Everybody else would have”. Akira’s eyes grew angrier by the second, he was regretting letting Rosiel into his house. He felt someone tugging on him from behind and turned to see Alexiel’s melancholy face staring up at him with tears in his eyes. He started to leave the room and simply said “I am not everyone and everyone is not me”, with that he left.

Alexiel had decided to go for a walk to find the girl he believed to be the princess, he thought that if he went back to the place he first saw her that she might be there again. However it was not meant to be, he waited for hours in the street all alone. It was getting late and was getting cold, Alexiel thought he should return to the condo. He entered the building and all at once smoke emulsified the room. Coughing slightly from the thick cloud of nicotine he walked into the lounge where he saw a scene to shatter his heart into a million pieces. Akira and Rosiel lay bare and intertwined on the sofa, both with cigarettes in hand. Alexiel couldn’t take it anymore and so he ran out. The darkness gripped his heart as the sun that lit his life eclipsed as the choking hands of despair gripped him ever tighter. He ran and he kept running until he could run no more, he collapsed to the floor in a heap of tears. Why? Why would Akira do that? Akira hates Rosiel, it makes no sense. And then almost as if some kind of manna had shone upon him there stood the girl looking upon him like he was a lost puppy.

(Still in progress)

Story wrote by:Aqua in 2009

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